Santo Domingo was the first city born in the New World, in the year 1498. It still preserves important sites among the walls of the old town where the first cathedral, the first monastery, the first hospital, the first court of law and the first university were built, a good reason why the UNESCO declared in 1992 as cultural heritage of mankind.

The colonial town is called by the “capitaleños” (the locals) as “la zona”, the best place to enjoy the night bohemian style, walking by beautiful monuments from the 15th and 16th centuries guarding their history and charming elegance as the most precious treasures. Places like Las Damas, the first street of the New World, the Fortaleza Ozama, Alcázar de Colón, Plaza de España, Casa de Bastidas, Torre del Homenaje, Casa de Francia, National Pantheon, Museum of the Royal Houses and Capilla de los Remedios are just a few sites worth visiting.
The colonial town encloses one of the most diverse selections of nightlife activities and options to enjoy a good gastronomy with a great number of bars, cafés, and restaurants. Both Plaza España and Parque Colón are the perfect spots to kick off the night. Well known restaurants and bars like Pat’e Palo, Museo del Jamón, Rita’s Café, La Crepérie, the bar at Casa de Teatro, and many more, are waiting for you in “la zona”.

The big city: Santo Domingo offers much more than colonial history, museums and monuments. There is also the modern side of it, just as any other modern capital city in Latin America, seducing you with the charms of modernity and new technology along with the most traditional expressions of popular culture that sets us apart and identifies us, that makes us special, unique, and different.

Such modernity brings the beauty of the “Malecón” along the shores of the Caribbean, the “Plaza de la Cultura” and its buildings housing the National Library, the National Theatre, the Museum of Natural History, the Modern Art Gallery, the National Museum of History and Geography and the Museum of Dominican Man.

But, if you prefer going for shopping then your choices could be Plaza Central, Acrópolis Center, Bella Vista Mall, Blue Mall, Ágora Mall, Plaza 360, Diamond Mall, Sambil, Megacentro and many other centers around the city.